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Feel free to enquire anything you wish by phone, messengers or throughthis enquiry form, at any moment before or after embodiment of your investment plans.

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Investments in Real Estate

At all times, investments in real estate were considered one of the most secure and guaranteed assets in the portfolios of private investors. For some people, they allow them to preserve and increase their capital during turbulent times in the economy. For others, they offer freedom from the daily routine and the ability to live on rental income. Still others see their main profit in the pleasure of buying a second home as a prime place of rest.

This is especially true for investments in real estate in resorts operating on a year-round basis, with a steady and high level of tourist flow that is growing with every year. The exclusive geographical, natural and climate location of all the real estate we offer, which attracts each year millions of tourists from across the world, is already a promise of growth in its value, and hence, in the value of your investments.

Well then, what is it that we are offering?

When buying real estate under the guaranteed income programme, your investments will start working for you immediately. From the very first day, your assets will earn you money – each day, each month, and each year. You will no longer worry about how to rent your property and to whom. You will not worry about the intactness of the interior and be concerned about declining demand. You will simply come to rest in your house when this is convenient for you, and at all other times it will generate income for you.

If in your hometown investments in a house, villa, flat or apartment do to yield high returns, and yield only 2-6 per cent annually, visit us and we will earn a 7 to 12 per cent guaranteed annual return for you.

As early as at the stage of making a decision on a transaction, you will be able to accurately calculate, rather than predict approximately, the precise payback period and annual income, and the exact number of delightful sunny days that you will enjoy at a premium tropical resort without extra hotel expenses.

If the choice was right, apart from a rental income, your property will bring you yet another income from price appreciation.

Appropriate investments in real estate offer one big plus – they hardly ever drop in price. In case of investments in exclusive resort real estate, this plus converts to an even greater one – its price NEVER drops. As Mark Twain said, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." And all the more so, the unique land on sky-blue coasts, with an exclusive view on the sparkling clear sea, in the shade of majestic secular trees, is not made anymore.

This is why real estate bought with our professional analysis, including 70+ different indicators, maintains its price. It grows even in times of crises as an exclusive luxury item, beyond time and immediate market fluctuations.

To overcome the language barrier and the difficulties of interpreting local laws, we offer our customers complete transaction support and protection of their interests at all stages. We also guarantee an exclusive level of validating the reliability of all the options offered. You will receive the following services free of charge:

  • - Individual investment consulting
  • - Personal selection of offers according given parameters
  • - A personal meeting with our Expert in the selected market segment
  • - Trips along scheduled routes to tour the properties you have selected
  • - Meetings and negotiations with direct Owners and Developers
  • - Legal, financial and tax consulting on transaction issues
  • - Consulting on registration of property rights in land for foreign nationals
  • - Consulting on choosing Leasehold or Freehold property status

Negotiations are a must for any real estate transaction, particularly in a foreign country. The overall result, and the profitability and viability of the investment will depend on how successfully and effectively you handle them.

With a view to serving the best interests of buyers and guaranteeing legal awareness, we represent the interests of our customers at all meetings with direct owners, developers and their agents. The presence of professional real estate agents who are familiar with the prices and rules of the local market will not only enable to undercut a developer's or seller's real estate price by knowing their arts and wiles, but on some occasions will save you in time from fraud and the subsequent cost of attempting to return your money.

We guarantee that our Managers at all negotiations, with resort to all available legal means, will defend and protect the interests of their customers, by consistently pressing for fair terms and conditions and a best price from the customer's viewpoint. We put the reputation of our company first. Hence, our foremost task is always to uphold and respect your rights. We will never advise you to buy something with an intermediary’s mark-up, an overvalued price or a “shady past”.

At the request of and in the interests of our customers, prior to executing any sale transaction, our Experts will request and check all requisite documents, such as:

  • - Chanote – a document confirming title to land in Thailand
  • - Hak Milik or Hak Pakai – documents confirming property rights or, respectively, rights to exclusive use of land in Indonesia
  • - EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) – the EIA Approved document confirms that the project has been reviewed by the relevant commission of the Kingdom of Thailand, and approved for construction
  • - Construction Permit – a final permit for construction in Thailand
  • - Hak Guna Bangugan – the right to construction in Indonesia
  • - Certificate of Good Standing – an international certificate confirming the good standing of the selling company, its legality and legal competence
  • - Incumbency Certificate – an international certificate with information on the structure of the company Board of Directors, the list of shareholders and the amount of authorised capital

    A Due Diligence procedure can also be conducted. It enables getting a true and fair view of the investment property being considered, including an assessment of investment risks, an in-depth investigation of company activities, and an all-round validation of its financial status and market position.

A crucial stage after the contract has been signed is transferring your funds from the home country to the country where real estate is being bought in a legal way in compliance with the laws of all countries involved. We have a wealth of professional experience and special capabilities in this sensitive issue.

Our international financial consultants will help execute a transaction of any complexity without further inquiry by tax authorities.

We will also thoroughly check that all your ownership rights in your new property are processed and registered duly, accurately, and in time. You, or your representative, will be handed over the property documents and presented with excellent cold champagne from our company for your house warming party!

If you will be pleased with the level of our services and professionalism during the transaction, you can conclude with us a Management Agreement for your property. We provide a complete range of services for maintaining real estate in an excellent condition, invariably attractive for your guests or tenants.

The services include regular house cleaning, water pool cleaning, garden management, and payment of all maintenance and routine repair bills. We will ourselves provide marketing support, stable rent demand and will ensure the preservation of property throughout all term of the contract.

The Management Programmes are discussed individually and based on your requests, preferences, and the condition of the facilities. We also provide this service for real estate owners who previously did not work with us.

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