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Feel free to enquire anything you wish by phone, messengers or throughthis enquiry form, at any moment before or after embodiment of your investment plans.

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Phuket BDR 1-10+ Concierge

Luxury Villas For Rent In Phuket

Every year, vacations in Thailand are growing in popularity with tourists looking for something a little different. Therefore, we are happy to offer some of the best villas in Phuket for you to choose from. We have a total of over 150 exclusive and luxury villas in Phuket, Thailand which have been personally and extensively checked. Each villa in Phuket available for rental through us features a private pool, personal concierge services, Wi-Fi connectivity and a completely free airport transfer service.

Price per Night :

Villa Ammalya

6 BDR, Kamala, Phuket

14 Guests : $1,700 - $5,500 / night

Villa Vikasa

5 BDR, Cape Yamu, Phuket

10 Guests : $1,450 - $3,500 / night
Villa Persalara Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Persalara

3 BDR, Cape Yamu, Phuket

7 Guests : $650 - $1,000 / night

Villa Baan Napalai

7 BDR, Nai Thon, Phuket

15 Guests : $1,550 - $3,850 / night

Villa Banyan Tree Grand Residence

4 BDR, Bang Tao, Phuket

8 Guests : $840 - $2,370 / night

Villa Alsabara

6 BDR, Panwa, Phuket

18 Guests : $1,100 - $3,150 / night
Villa Sabah Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Sabah

2 BDR, Nai Yang, Phuket

4 Guests : $675 - $1,515 / night

Villa Laguna Park Art

4 BDR, Bang Tao, Phuket

8 Guests : $190 - $315 / night
Villa Amanzi Kamala Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Amanzi Kamala

6 BDR, Kamala, Phuket

13 Guests : $1,150 - $4,500 / night

Villa Larida

4 BDR, Bang Tao, Phuket

9 Guests : $470 - $680 / night
Villa Laguna Waters Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Laguna Waters

5 BDR, Bang Tao, Phuket

10 Guests : $550 - $1,350 / night
Villa Grand Noi Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Grand Noi

5 BDR, Natai, Phuket

14 Guests : $1,300 - $3,200 / night
Villa Naam Sawan Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Naam Sawan

4 BDR, Cape Yamu, Phuket

12 Guests : $920 - $3,200 / night

Villa Yin

5 BDR, Kamala, Phuket

14 Guests : $795 - $2,995 / night

Villa Akira Albiera

3 BDR, Panwa, Phuket

8 Guests : $375 - $1,090 / night

Villa Saralee

8 BDR, Nai Harn, Phuket

19 Guests : $600 - $1,220 / night

Villa Shambala

4 BDR, Surin, Phuket

10 Guests : $960 - $2,600 / night

Villa Vernalaya

6 BDR, Kamala, Phuket

14 Guests : $1,870 - $3,310 / night

Villa Nirvana

4 BDR, Panwa, Phuket

10 Guests : $810 - $1,850 / night
Villa Malaiwana M Phuket
Breakfast Included

Villa Malaiwana M

5 BDR, Nai Thon, Phuket

12 Guests : $1,200 - $3,500 / night

What To Focus On When Renting Luxury Villas In Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailand's biggest island and famous for defying expectation and breaking the rules. The combination of its costs, land and nature are so diverse from one another that you might have trouble at times believing that they were all part of the same place. Before choosing the right luxury villa in Phuket for you, you need to first figure out what you want and need from your holiday on the island.

We have put together a brief selection of the most popular destinations on the island below. However, if you are still finding it hard to make a decision, we have further advice that could help you reach one.

If you have a large family that want to spend some quality time on the island and take in as many interesting things as possible, you should look to the northern areas of the island such as Surin and Bang Tao; and the southern areas of Kata, Rawai and Nai Harn. These areas in particular have the largest number of private villa rentals on Phuket, Thailand that are close to the big tourist attractions and cater for large groups of people.

Whereas, if you live the busy city life back home and are looking to escape this kind of environment, you should consider our holiday villas on Phuket's Natai Beach, in the Phang Nga Province, the stunning Cape Yamu area, Nai Thon Beach or Kamala Hill's Millionaire's Mile. In these areas you will be able to enjoy your holiday without feeling as if there are too many tourists and other people around.

If you are looking to spend as little as you can on Phuket, Thailand real estate, then our Patong and Chalong villas may be more suitable. These are locations are best for younger travellers who don't have children and are looking to experience Thailand's exciting nightlife, including erotic shows on Bangla Road and swinging parties.

However, if you are not worried about your budget and are looking for truly private and luxury villas in Phuket, with premium services, we can find you something special – for instance, a villa on a secluded island or a newest villa for USD20 million with its private beach.

Phuket Beaches and Regions

Advantages of Phuket Villa Rentals

Whether its seen as a good thing or a bad thing, vacations account for a small part of our lives. Therefore, they should be memorable and give you things to savour many years into the future. With this in mind then, why not have that holiday you have been dreaming about in a beautiful destination, that you can only really get from a luxury villa getaway.

Villas for rent in Thailand are much better options than other forms of accommodation for the following reasons:

  1. For one thing, not even the most upper market hotel can provide the same level of privacy that a luxury villa in Phuket can offer you. If you don't like sharing your holiday with thousands of other people and want to escape the rat race, the private surroundings of our villas will keep you from the crowds You will not only have a pool and Wi-Fi connection of your own, but will not have to share any aspect of your holiday with others.
  2. Secondly, our villas offer arguably unparalleled levels of comfort. They are rated highly within Thailand's real estate market. Only a rented villa in Thailand can offer you the chance to either enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner for two on the ocean front, celebrate a birthday in style under the sun or host an event or party in a truly tropical paradise.
  3. Thirdly, and particularly important if you are travelling with a large family or group of friends, is a great way to spend an extended amount of time in Thailand, that would be far more expensive if you opted for a hotel of the same standard.
  4. And fourthly, what can be better for childhood vacations than beachfront fully staffed villa? When you rent a villa in Phuket, Thailand, you are in an enclosed area where your children can roam free and do the things they love on holiday. They can play safely in the garden while you and your guests enjoy the property, without worry or fear that they are going to come into any danger when holidaying abroad. This extra security and peace of mind is not something you can guarantee when staying in hotels and other types of more public accommodation when vacationing.

Concierge Service 24/7

We offer a client care service, which can be called on for absolutely anything

As well as the very best villas to rent in Phuket, with Siam Luxury Villas, you also benefit from our amazing concierge service. Since our head office is based in Thailand, we have concierges that have great local knowledge and connections in a broad range of interests. Our focus is always on you having the best holiday and that you don't have to deal with the mundane things about holidays. We will organise your transfers to and from the airport, book restaurant tables, take you to the best fitness centres and SPAs.

We can be contacted 24/7 and will always deliver first-rate professional services to you, our guests and try to meet your demands and cater to your desires when you first request them.

How To Rent A Luxury Villa In Phuket?

Our villas are directed at the premium sector of the market and meet the highest world standards, which unfortunately puts them in high demand. With this in mind then, you will be guaranteed a successful reservation at one of our beautiful villas only with a deposit of 20% to 100% of the rental cost, depending on how close it is to when you arrive.

1. You send us an enquiry about the villa of your interest
2. We reserve it for you and make out a payment invoice
3. You pay the invoice, receive an acknowledgement and fly to Phuket
4. We meet you at the airport and drive to the villa
5. You check-in the villa and enjoy your holiday

Individual Selection of a Villa

If you don't have the time to look for a suitable villa by yourself or have specific requirements, let us know and we will do our utmost to find the perfect luxury villa on Phuket that meets your needs.

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